Daughter asks if she should tell her dad after catching cheating mum taking nudes & people are VERY divided

ONCE you're past your teens, living with your parents can start to get a bit awkward, annoying and sometimes embarrassing.

You may end up seeing things you don’t want to, or even hearing things that can’t be unheard.

And for one young woman, she was left in a very awkward position after she caught her mum in the act of taking nudes. 

She took to Reddit to confess: “I saw my mother through a bathroom-window hole taking nudes."

The woman believes her mum's naked photos were not for her dad but for a secret lover.

She said: “My dad tries his best to love my mum but my mum hates him.


"I guess she doesn't respond to his love and finds him bad. But my dad is innocent and just plainly loves her.

“My mum made a big issue about my dad having porn on his phone but recently my mum had told me a secret that she had an affair long back when I was a kid, when my dad was abroad working to earn money for the family and she never told my dad about it.”

The woman, who was clearly left in shock, then asks: “If she doesn't like him why doesn't she just get a divorce? 

“But instead of taking that, she blames me as the only child of this family".

She then went on to explain about how her mum will open up about her love life. 

She said: “She tells me whether she should flirt with guys ( young guys) and that she has some guy friends who like her.

But instead of taking that, she blames me as the only child of this family

“I'm quite upset, cause my dad has had anger issues but he is trying to change, he is trying to be better.

"But my mom (SIC) has already cheated on him. And now after finding her clicking nudes I'm more sad and upset with her.”

People on Reddit took to the comments section to offer some advice, with one writing: "This seems like a great opportunity to mind your own business.”

Another commented: “Do NOT involve yourself in your parents' marriage. Refuse to hear either of them discuss it. Move out ASAP and get some therapy.”

A third person added: “Don’t insert yourself. Because the more I read it sounds like your dad is not completely innocent either and they have quite a toxic marriage.”

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