Elle Fanning Shares Filter-Free Photos of Her Eczema Flare-Up on Instagram

Elle Fanning is embracing her natural complexion — eczema flare-ups and all — on Instagram.

The All the Bright Places actress, 22, posted a series of barefaced, filter-free selfies on Instagram where she showed the eczema on top of both of her eyelids. Instead of letting the condition, which causes red and itchy skin, bring her down, Fanning proudly posed for the shots and joked that it looked like she was wearing pink eyeshadow.

"Eczema but make it eye shadow 😜," Fanning captioned her Instagram post.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star Rachel Brosnahan related to the actress' skin struggle and commented, "I feel seen." Celebrity stylist Karla Welch felt the same way. "My melasma is my blush!" she said.

Fans were also happy to see Fanning embrace her natural beauty and praised her honesty in the comments of the social media post. "thank you for not using like a dozen filters, its so nice seeing real normal skin texture on this app and it makes me feel good about myself 🥺💕," one person wrote.

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Another fan who deals with eczema said: "💗Thank you for posting this! I struggle with eczema and it hurts my self esteem. It’s so refreshing seeing public figures without the filters and makeup to show that we are all human. 💗"

Fanning has always been open about embracing her skin, especially her freckles, which is something she's been "obsessed with" for a while.

"I do have quite a few freckles but I exaggerate them a lot. There are 'freckle pens' that actually are eyebrow pencils, but you have to make sure that they're the right color for your skin tone. You put foundation on, then take a 'freckle pen' and dot it over your natural freckles, and then even add more on top," Fanning told Allure earlier this year.

She added, "I think it makes your makeup look more natural because it looks like you're not wearing any foundation."

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