Former Nike Sportswear Designer Enlivens Ghostly's 'Astro Boy' Merch

Ghostly International‘s pop culture partnerships continue unabated with its latest animation team-up. Designed by former Nike Sportswear and SSENSE designer Eric Hu, Ghostly’s Astro Boy merch is as stylized as low-key monochrome goods can be.

A selection of black graphic tees, a sweater and tote are all emblazoned with Hu’s thematic imagery, ranging from clashing co-branding that juxtaposes Ghostly logos and Astro Boy characters to playful combinations of the latter. Professor Ochanomizu and Astro Boy’s family all make appearances, but Astro himself is clearly the star of the show, appearing in a variety of forms that even includes an x-ray image showcasing his mechanical inner workings.

The Astro Boy collaboration hits Ghostly’s website at 11 a.m.

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