From insecure Jaffa Cake fans to traditional custard cream lovers – what your favourite biscuit says about you

WHAT are you like when it comes to the crunch?

Galaxy Chocolate Chunk Cookies were named our No1 biscuit in a Good Housekeeping magazine poll, ahead of M&S custard creams then Aldi Bourbons, we told yesterday – and your own fave may reveal much.

Food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson said: “You can tell a lot by what biscuit a person eats.”

Here, she reveals to Kate Doherty what traits are in a treat.

Chocolate chip = Adventurous

Folk of this persuasion tend to not do things half-heartedly.

If you are going to do something, then you have to do it right or not at all.

There can be just no half measures .

Rich, chocolatey, crumbly and indulgent, this biscuit is for those who are not messing around.

You enjoy life to the max and are not afraid to indulge your sweet tooth.

Plain digestive = Predictable

Do you prefer structure, routine and sticking to a schedule over spontaneity and unpredictability?

You are most likely, then, a digestive eater.

You like to keep things uncomplicated and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

When you are feeling in a bit more of an adventurous mood, you might dunk your digestive in a cup of tea – but only if it is after 11am.

Jaffa Cake = Insecure

The jammy Jaffa, while often classed as a cake, is enjoyed by most as a biscuit because of its small size.

Its soft sponge offers that little bit of indulgence while the orange jelly and chocolate give it a surprisingly sweet twist.

If this is your biscuit of choice, then you likely enjoy things which make you feel comforted and secure.

Jaffa Cakes are a brand name, too, which shows you enjoy the finer things in life.

Party rings = Fashion-conscious

While these may seem the perfect biscuit for a child’s party, do not be fooled.

The childish feel of the party ring can be exactly what makes it so appealing to adults.

This throwback biscuit has a good old retro feel, ideal for those who like to buck current trends.

If you find you always pick up the party rings, you are likely someone who enjoys thinking out the box and having your own style.

Viennese whirl = Generous

These biscuits are not just everyday snacks and this shows you like to offer the best to others around you.

If you are drawn to the chunky delicacy, then you like a little luxury in life.

But you do not overdo it with this treat – normally you indulge only if you have guests round.

You serve the biccies on a plate but will never take the last one – as that would be frightfully rude.

Garibaldi = Sophisticated

Like the digestive, the Garibaldi is great for dunking.

But what makes it more interesting is that it is packed with squashed currants baked between biscuit dough.

What sets its apart is its fans like their biscuit – and everything else in life – with a bit of added style.

Do not be at all fooled by the Garibaldi’s nickname – The Fly Cemetery – as those who indulge tend to be a little fancy and prefer the high life.

Ginger nut = Creative

If this is your tea-time treat, you probably like to challenge yourself and experience new adventures.

The unusual flavour this biscuit has, with its heat and zing, is ideal for those who love a little flair and pizzaz.

While others are reaching for the chocolate biscuit, you prefer to mix things up a little.

You love to be creative and try new surprising flavours with your dishes.

Custard cream = Traditional

If you are one for this sort of munch, you are probably a traditional sort who values their family.

The custard cream is a staple of any biscuit tin and for many they are packed with nostalgia.

If you maybe grew up enjoying these at your granny’s, then this treat may remain a firm favourite for you today.

While new, fancier biscuits have come and gone, you prefer the tried and tested – to stick to what you know.

Chocolate fingers = Optimistic

God loves a trier and these simple but indulgent treats are the ideal choice for an optimist.

They are perfect for someone who tries to follow a healthy diet but often fails.

While you do not believe in depriving yourself of enjoyment, you try to be sensible in your choices.

The creamy chocolate gives you a sense you are treating yourself, while the small portions let you kid yourself you will have only just a few.

Wagon Wheels = Fun

For you, there can be nothing worse to reach for at snack time than a plain, bland Rich Tea biscuit.

When you have a snack, you want to enjoy yourself and to share this with the people around you.

You are the life and soul of a party and always make sure your friends are living it up, too.

At times, you can overindulge on the fun but your friends will keep you in line.

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