Gardener divides opinion as he cuts neighbour's 'nightmare' bush to stop it 'blocking sun to his garden' | The Sun

A GARDENER has divided opinion after cutting his neighbour's "nightmare" bush to stop it blocking sun into his garden.

The gardener, who is referred to as "Jason" in the video, uploaded the recording to popular social media site TikTok.

Footage shows him standing on the roof of a house appearing to trim a huge conifer with a large pair of garden shears as the sun rises in the background.

And when the cameraman asks him what he is doing he claims: "It ain't my bush this is the neighbour's bush."

Jason added: "So what happens with conifers we all know don't we, they grow 300ft tall and I won't get any sun on my garden.

"What I'm doing is cutting the bush."

According to the video, his sole reasoning for the trimming was so he can continue to get sunny rays onto his property.

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However, it is unclear whether this is actually his neighbour's hedge as he claims.

Jason continued: "So I get my sun. One bush cut down, sun on my garden because conifers are a f***ing nightmare.

"This is my job tonight, cutting the neighbour's bush."

As expected, TikTokers were quick to share their views in the comment section with viewers split on whether it was right or wrong.

One user wrote that he had "absolutely no right to cut it".

While another simply described the act as "trespass".

Others sympathised with the gardener after being in similar siituations.

"I had the horrid tree for 16 years 4 of us neighbours. No sun no light. Sad sad days," commented one.

A second user wrote: "Annoys me, with selfish neighbour's with damn trees. I have the same problems, overhanging branches."

While some believed that Jason was a "considerate" neighbour after trimming the bush.

One said: "Done a really nice job . your neighbour be proud of you and he's save money . Mr nice guy."

While another TikToker commented: "Looks like you're doing a very nice and considerate job."

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It comes as homeowners claimed they had spent 20 years fighting their neighbour after she ruined their view with a 50ft hedge.

And another man alleged that his neighbour is so petty that he only trims half of the hedge in their shared garden.

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