Guest demands bride pays her £500 because of her 'no phone' wedding rule – and she even sent her an invoice

BRIDES can get away with almost anything on their big day, but one guest was left fuming as a result of one wedding rule.

You see, the bride inflicted a 'no phone' rule on those attending the ceremony, which resulted on one guested demanding she pay her £500.

Naturally, the bride was left in tears and took to Reddit to seek advice.

She explained that the wedding guest claimed to have missed out on a lucrative business deal because she was banned from using her phone – and is now insisting the bride pay her what she lost.

The guest, who is her brother's new girlfriend, even sent the woman an invoice for £500 – and said she’d have to work off the debt if she refused to pay.

Admitting it "ruined" her spacial day, the woman retold what had happened online, according to 7News.


She said: "So I got married last weekend. Not gonna lie, it was a bit of a nightmare from start to finish. My partner and I are going to run off and have an elopement ceremony in a few months because it was so bad"

She continued: "My brother invited his new girlfriend. She’s got her own online business where she sells makeup and perfumes or something.

“She’s a ‘work from my phone’ girl. Anyway, our venue had a strict no phone policy during the ceremony, and I asked for nothing to be posted on social media about the wedding.

“Today I received an email from her with an ‘invoice’ for £500 (AUD$940)."

The bride said that she called her brother's girlfriend to find out what was going on, telling her that she "wasn’t in the mood for jokes about my wedding."

“Apparently she’d missed a message from a girl who wanted to join her team, and so the girl had signed up under someone else- due to my no-phone no-socials wedding, causing her to miss out on the commission,” she said.

When she told the her that she "wasn't paying it" and was "hurt" by the suggestion, she was offered another ultimatum.

“She then said that if I joined her team, she would waive the invoice,” she continued.

“Fine. I’ll join if it will shut you up. Except apparently I now have to pay £60 (AUD$113) for some starter pack with hundreds of perfume samples in it, even though I’m allergic to perfume.

I hate how I couldn’t just get married and be happy. My husband has been so supportive, but I feel so terrible that it’s my side of everything that causes all the drama.

“Also she expects me to post about it all over social media, despite my desire to avoid other people right now.

“Turns out she would also essentially be my ‘boss’ and I don’t want to work for her as I’m already in a career of my own that I’m passionate about, that isn’t sales or recruitment, and isn’t commission based.”

The bride said that she "can't stop crying" since the incident occurred admitting that her "wedding was ruined".

"My social life has taken a hit from that drama, and now this b**** is going to cause drama between me and my brother if I don’t join her s***** company.

“I hate how I couldn’t just get married and be happy. My husband has been so supportive, but I feel so terrible that it’s my side of everything that causes all the drama.

“I’m not going to join it, I know I just can’t, but the drama of it all has just got me absolutely wrecked. I just want to run away with my husband and never speak to my friends and family again.”

Reddit users were shocked to hear of what happened with many empathising with the bride.

“She is an a**hole. Nobody made her attend or stay,” one said, according to 7 News.

While another wrote: "Can someone pick my jaw off the ground for me? Speechless. What an absolute piece of work she is. Don’t pay her, stop all contact. Simple.”

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