Hair expert reveals you're doing the viral oiling trend all wrong – you need to incorporate a kitchen utensil instead | The Sun

A HAIR and scalp expert has revealed that you’re missing a vital step in your hair oiling routine. 

Hair oiling is the latest Tik Tok craze with hundreds of women showing their new thick and healthy manes thanks to the beauty ritual.

But trichologist Afsennah divulged that you need to add an extra step in your routine to get maximum results – and it involves something you probably have in your kitchen.

She said that you should be wrapping your oiled hair in cling film to let the oil properly soak in. 

A trichologist is a medical professional who specialises in hair and scalp health, as well as diseases. 

Beauty fans have dubbed Afsennah’s cling film trick as the “ultimate hack”. 

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She shared a Tik Tok of her long and shiny hair to prove that wrapping your head in plastic while the oil is soaking in actually works. 

The expert penned in the caption: “This is your sign if you want to transform your hair.

“I saw huge results within six months using scalp roller and custom oils.”

Hair oiling originated 5,000 years ago in India and is famed for its power in strengthening locks.

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It has seen a recent wave of popularity as women on Tik Tok have shown off their results from consistent hair oiling.

Fellow haircare enthusiasts flocked to the comments of Afsennah’s video to praise her plastic fantastic idea.

One beamed: “Girl you just dropped the ultimate hair oil hack!

“You go girl, thanks for sharing!”

Another quipped: “I haven’t thought of saran wrapping my hair.”

One suggestion in the comments was to use a plastic bag if you don’t have cling film at hand. 

However, Afsennah advised that you need to be using the right oils for your hair to see results like hers.

The trichologist uses a custom blend to suit her hair and scalp's needs.

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She performs the beauty ritual once a week and advises leaving the oil in for as long as possible, ideally overnight. 

Her informative video has since gone viral and totted up over 2.4 million views.

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