Horrifying moment best man catches the bride cheating on her husband with the bartender – and she’s not even sorry

A BEST man has been praised for really living up to the title after he outed his pal's wife for cheating on him with a bartender.

A video has been doing the rounds online that shows the best man catching the bride and the bartender on camera while they were up to no good and people had plenty to say about it.

In the 40-seconds long footage shared via Reddit, the best man sneaks up on the unsuspecting bride and keeps his cool, as he casually says: "How you doing guys?"

Not surprisingly, the bride looks a little flustered as she climbs off the bartender seemingly having been caught red-handed cheating on her man.

"What's going on here? Tell me what's going on," the best man quizzes.

"You know exactly what's going on," the bride hits back, seeming more irked than sorry that she'd been interrupted.

The best man presses: "Who's this guy? That's not your husband, right?"

"Nope," the bride bluntly tells him, as he turns to the bartender and says: "You don't look like her husband to me."

The bartender then holds his phone up to his face to try and hide himself from view, with best man quipping: "Yeah, I don't blame you – that looks like a good idea."

He then reveals that the woman's husband is actually his best friend and he had been best man for his pal at their wedding.

Who's this guy? That's not your husband, right?

"I was the best man… this is my best friend's wife. Are you the bartender? That's excellent."

Making his point, the best man then leaves the pair to it as he sarcastically says: "Well, you guys have a good night."

In the three days since it was posted, the video blew up online and racked up thousands of comments from people who championed the best man for standing by his friend.

"He really is the best man," commented one person, while another said: "This is the best, best man ever."

A third agreed: "We all need a best man like him."

"Best Man TRULY being a Best Man. Looking out for his friend," added one more.


Others, meanwhile, savaged the bride for being unfaithful and her "ice cold" reaction to getting caught out.

"Hope husband doesn’t give her another chance. She will do it again and he will never trust her. Dump her," advised one viewer.

One more quizzed: "Wow, why the f get married??"

Another posted: "Sort of an anti-freakout, no? She was pretty ice cold about that, and so were they all."

Baffled by the bride's behaviour, one person shared: "I just will never understand why…"

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