How to clean mirrors and windows without streaking?

WE all know how frustrating it can be when every time you clean your mirrors and windows they're left covered in streaks.

The good news is there are a few cleaning hacks you can use to keep your glass surfaces sparkling.

How do you clean mirrors and windows without leaving streaks?

The first step to get shining mirrors and windows is to spot clean the very dirty areas first, removing the tough oil and grime.

Next, you want to wipe down the entire mirror or window in a gentle side to side motion using a cotton cloth.

Make sure you keep the pattern and direction the same when wiping the surface.

The key to leaving your surfaces streak-free is to use a microfibre cloth to dry your mirror afterwards.

If you want your mirror to keep its smudge-free shine for longer you can also spray one pump of shaving foam onto a microfibre cloth and gently buff the surface.

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Why is my mirror and window streaky after cleaning?

Some supermarket glass cleaners leave a waxy residue which can actually cause more streaks over time.

The best thing to do to avoid this is to steer clear of any products with soaps, scents, or dyes because these additives can leave your mirrors and windows streaky and smudged.

Another reason your mirrors and windows are still streaky after cleaning is because you're scrubbing at the glass.

Instead, you want to press very softly and avoid circular motions as these are more likely to leave streaks.

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What is the best product to clean mirrors and windows?

The most important thing when getting streak-free mirrors and windows is using a good surface cleaner.

There are many great options at your local supermarket, including Windex.

If you are buying a supermarket window cleaner try to get one that is as natural as possible.

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But we recommend white vinegar – which you should already have lying around in your home.

Mix one part white vinegar to four parts water in a spray bottle for a cheap and easy option to get sparkling mirrors and windows in your home.

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