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PRADA bags are famed for their quality and are renowned in the world of fashion.

With such a global brand, there are bound to be fake versions of their products on the market. Here's how you can make sure that your bag is authentic.

How to tell if your Prada bag is real

One way to tell if a Prada bag is real or not is by how the brand name is written on the bag.

The letter R in every logo on a genuine Prada bag has a bit of an outward angle to the right leg. If the R has a straight leg, it may be a fake.

There should be a curved notch in the letter R between the round part and the right leg and a slightly bigger space between the R and the A on an authentic bag.

The A on a genuine Prada bag has a little cap, and the right leg goes slightly past the top.


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Prada bags come in a white soft flannel or silky dustbag with the Prada logo printed on the front.

Prada bags also have an inside plaque, which says "Prada Made in Italy."

Older versions had plaques which said "Prada Milano Made in Italy" in three lines.

How to spot a fake Prada bag

A genuine Prada bag has the inverted triangle logo. The plaque containing the logo on a real bag is the same colour as the bag itself.

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These small differences could be a big clue to whether or not it is authentic.

The plaque with the logo on should be perfectly straight and securely attached.

The plaque should also have three lines of text reading the following in order:

  • Prada
  • Milano
  • Dal 1913

If a plaque is made of fabric or plastic, the bag could be fake. This is because the Prada logo is ceramic on their leather bags and leather on bags made of nylon or other fabrics.

As well as this, every Prada bag comes with a certificate of authenticity in a black envelope embossed with the Prada name.

Bags without this could be fake.

Why is Prada so expensive?

According to Luxe Front, Prada’s higher end price point is a result of their high-quality materials, classic but unique designs, and their status in the rankings of luxury brands.

Their most expensive bags on the website can set you back £3,600.

Even their smaller bags are on sale for around £1,000.

Is Prada cheaper in Italy?

It is generally the case that most products are cheaper when sold in the country they are manufactured in.

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The reason that it is more expensive outside of Italy is because costs like shipping costs and taxes, as well as other travel expenses, are factored in, and this results in an overall high cost of the product abroad.

With this being said, products are still likely to be pricey in Italy, due to the quality of product.

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