I adopted cute ‘husky’ puppy – but it grew into a massive WOLFDOG with ‘glowing eyes’ | The Sun

A WOMAN had the shock of her life when she took in a "stray" husky-like puppy and it grew into something more deadly.

The canine's owner showed off old clips of her adorable little fluffy pup before revealing what the beast looks like now – large and shaggy with menacing yellow eyes.

The owner, who appropriately goes by @Raised.by.Wolvex, calls it a "wolfdog".

She regularly posts clips of the mutt, called Awilix, along with her two fluffy huskies, Suka and Xena.

The viral TikTok video, which has been viewed 51.2 million times, shows the young and cute black pup playing with the caption: "When you rescue a stray puppy".

Suddenly, the music changes and it cuts to the animal full-grown and prowling into the room.

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In other clips shared by the creator, she claims that Awilix is 80 per cent grey wolf, 10 per cent German Shepherd and 10 per cent Malamute.

The woman frequently caveats her videos with the warning: "Wolfdogs are not meant for the average person. While amazing animals they require special attention, care and training."

Online users rushed to the comments to make jokes on the wolf-like animal.

"That's ah wolf that ain't no stray dog," one writes.

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Another, referencing Harry Potter, says: "your dog is sirius black".

"Good luck red riding hood," a third quips.

"The beast is demonic in nature," one says.

Others bizarrely even claimed to have similar experiences. "I rescued what I thought was a stray puppy…I raised it, it turned out to be a coyote," one user commented.

As distant relations, dogs and wolves are able to successfully mate and produce offspring creating the rare but possible hybrid breed – wolfdog.

In the UK, a first-generation wolfdog comes under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act and needs a special license to own.

However, as of November 2022, it is now legal to own a wolfdog but only if it is three generations away from the original parent wolf, the PDSA states.

Another dog lover believed she had bought an expensive pug, but it grew up to be a completely different breed.

Instead of the pedigree pug she had paid for, Alfie the dog grew into an unidentified breed. Unfazed, the owner said: "but we love him, and bonus is, no health issues."

In a strange set of circumstances, a man in China learned the hard way why people are warned not to pick up strays.

The man took home what he thought was a lost fluffy kitten and cared for it until he realised it was a baby leopard cat.

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The endangered species, which grow to the size of large housecats but are far more deadly, are commonly found throughout China and are a protected animal there.

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