I bought a cute Christmas decoration for my house, but I didn’t realise how rude it looked – I’m mortified | The Sun

A WOMAN was left entertained – and a little mortified – when she bought what she thought was a sweet Christmas decoration, only to discover it spelt out a rude phrase. 

Social media user Nic, whose profile is @nic.ep79, shared the story with her followers, including the moment it dawned on her what it really said. 

Nic filmed footage of the festive, colourful wooden ornament sitting on one of her cabinets. 

At first glance, it looks like it spells out ‘Family’ and is adorned with Christmas features.

These include a Santa hat and Reindeer horns hanging on the top of the letters ‘F’, ‘M’, ‘L’ and ‘Y’.  

However, the two remaining letters – ‘A’ and ‘I’ – are a totally different colour to the beige wood effect. 

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Instead, the ‘A’ is a green Christmas tree with a star on top and the ‘I’ a blue, wrapped present.

Meanwhile, the ‘Y’ gets lost as it’s joined closely to the ‘L’. 

Therefore, on closer inspection, only three letters stand out – and totally change the meaning of her sweet ornament. 

Nic explained: “Buying what I thought was a nice FAMILY Christmas ornament.

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“Then realising it looks like it says ‘F**k my life,” she added with a face palm emoji. 

Luckily, Nic managed to see the funny side of the situation, as her followers inundated her with comments about how much it had entertained them.

Many tagged friends and family and added laughing crying emojis.

Then one wrote: “Hahaha we saw this yesterday.”

A second said: “Only read the wooden coloured letters and ignore the present decorated ones.”

A third added: “I've just seen it. Where is it from? I want one now.” 

While a fourth said: “I keep seeing this, loads of others have been wondering the same too.”

One of Nic’s followers even revealed they had exactly the same ornament and that they’d only realised what it spelt after watching her video.

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They wrote: “OMG, I bought that and I can’t unsee it now.”

To which Nic replied: “Sorry” alongside two laughing emojis. 

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