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A FORMER janitor has revealed which cubicle you should go to when using a public bathroom.

There's no secret that restaurant and café loos are not the most hygienic of places, but according to one woman who used to be a janitor, there are some cubicles cleaner than others.

TikTok user Jen, who posts under @the_jenc, explained which stalls in a bathroom are used the least – and thus, are the tidiest.

The 26-year-old, believed to be from the US, used to clean loos where they did hourly bathroom checks and replaced toilet paper – which means she knew the cubicles that were used to most often.

Jen, who now studies anthropology and human behaviour, claimed in her video: ''The biggest things is to go to the farthest stall from the door to the bathroom.''

This, she explained, is because people typically tend to choose the first couple of stalls nearer to them.


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''They don't go farther in, so the ones in the back, especially in big bathrooms, never get used.''

For public restrooms with cubicles on either side, the student advised to pick the ones on your left.

''Most people go right. I think that might have to do with like a left right-handed thing, so go left,'' she urged.

''Finally, if you have the choice, avoid handicap stalls.

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''Because while most adults don't use those in case someone actually needs them, kids love novelty and so they will go right into those handicap stalls – and kids are gross.''

Having had to clean dirty loos, she chucked in the caption, has since changed the way she looked at bathrooms.

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Since being uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform, the clip has caused quite the debate online.

Hundreds flocked to comments to share their go-to tips for choosing the cubicle, with one writing: ''I just choose by picking up on the vibes of the stall.''

Someone else was left confused after watching the video, writing: ''I’ve read the opposite? That most people avoid the first & second stalls as they feel they’re the most used?

''I give up.''

''I remember reading a study about this. It said the first stall was the cleanest bc people avoided it assuming the first one would be the most used,'' a third claimed.

''bonus: the farthest stall is often a fun, weird shape due to space optimization, and can also be bigger!'' someone else added their observations.

Since the rise of social media, more and more employees of various industries have shared some insider secrets – and Katie Jadeshaw who works at Home Bargains is no exception.

The staff member ook to TikTok to share the highs and lows of working for the popular retailer.

The young woman uploaded her video with the caption ‘Home Bargains gang’.

She asked: “Have you ever worked at Home Bargains?”.

Katie then revealed the typical things that Home Bargains staff will know all too well about, including the job they all dread doing and the thing that customers always say. 

The first thing Katie mentioned is a common statement made by many shoppers and if you’ve ever shopped in Home Bargains before, it’s highly likely that you will have said this at some point.

The statement Katie always hears is: “I only came in for one thing hahaha”. 

Another thing that happens a lot when working at Home Bargains, is employees needing to ask their supervisors to void items from their tills, as Katie revealed she always asks: “Can I get a void”.

One good thing that Katie enjoys about working for Home Bargains is using the tannoy microphone, which she described as a “bad boy”. 

But one thing that Katie dislikes is a “fill shift”, as she confirmed: “The fear of being put on a fill shift”.

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A fill shift is when an employee fills the shelves with new stock, making sure they are full, with no gaps. 

Another thing that highly irritates Katie about working at Home Bargains are the paper cuts from the cardboard. 

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