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A MAN has revealed that he clocked a bargain buy in Costco and cleared the shelves, making himself a whopping £6,000 in profit.

He took to TikTok to open up about his side hustle and to explain just how he did it.

Posting under the username @aftermarketarbitrage, the man claimed that he bought 300 Silentnight electric blankets, for just £14 each, from wholesaler Costco. 

But when he looked on Amazon, he confirmed that he saw that they were being sold for £75 each.

As a result, the man, who claims to be the UK’s number one for Amazon FBA and earning money online, revealed that he cleared the shelves of the blankets.

He explained that he then sold them online for £75 each, making him a hefty profit.

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Sharing his story on the social media platform, he said: “I was buying these for £14, selling them on Amazon for £75.

“Find something that’s hot and literally rinse it, that’s what I’ve been doing.”

We saw him walking through Costco, pushing along an overflowing trolley full of the cheap blankets.

He then shared a clip of his car, which was full to the brim, as he continued: “My car is just full, air tight with these blankets.

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“There’s about 150 in there – profit wise, £5-6k. 

“Sold them within a week.” 

With each blanket, the man would make £61 profit, prior to any selling fees or cost reductions.

However, the man explained that minus the costs and reductions, he made £6,000 in profit in just a week.  

The man’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 33.4k views.

It has 1,491 likes, 53 comments and 63 shares.

However, social media users were unsure what to make of the man’s claims. 

One person said: “Is there no copyright law or anything like that that would stop me doing this?” to which the social media users confirmed “No.” 

Another added: “I don’t believe you” to which the man responded “Good for you. Our bank balances do.” 

A third commented: “Petition to only allow 1 per person.” 

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Whilst someone else joked: “I’m sat here shivering about to die of hypothermia, thanks a lot.” 

Meanwhile, another user posted: “Amazon FBA is terrible” to which the user responded “You are wrong.”

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