I deliberated on my son’s name for 9 months – I love it but I’m fed up of people comparing him to a fascist

CHOOSING YOUR child’s name is an important decision and one that many will not take lightly.

You want to make sure that you give your child a name that they will love, right?

And you also don’t want anyone to have anything nasty to say about your choice. 

But one mum has been left in an awkward situation after both of her parents made comments about her son’s name.

The woman revealed that she deliberated on her son’s name for nine months before he was born and has been left shocked that her parents aren’t keen.

But not only are her parents not keen on the name, they even compared him to a fascist…

The woman took to Mumsnet to explain her awkward situation.

She said: “I love the name we have given our son, it feels perfect and was not given without a good nine months of serious deliberation.. 

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“And yet I have become so uncomfortable with it after both my parents (separated) have made comments about it.. 

“Our boy is called Oswold – Ozzy for short… 

“The problem is that people of my parents generation or + have mentioned the fascist Oswald Mosley.. 

“I just don't see how this man should commandeer such a beautiful name 30 years later.. 

“Am I being unreasonable????” 

Many Mumsnet users took to the comments to provide support for the upset mother.

One person said: “No, he is YOUR baby, you can call him what you like. Oswold makes a nice change from Oscar, and Ozzy is a workable nickname.” 

Another added: “Oswold is a lovely, classic underused name and Ozzy a cute nickname. I think it is a great choice! You will never be able to please everyone, nor should you – your baby, your choice imo.” 


A third commented: “I love it!!! It's different yet has a classic feel to it.” 

Another said: “Shame on them – how rude! Tell them with a smile that if the baby's name bothers them so much, they don't have to visit… But if they do want to be welcome, they can stop with the rude comments!” 

Following the flood of positive comments, the mum said: “I feel better already! Thanks so much ladies!” 

What do you think about the name? 

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