I did a plus-size Good American bikini haul – the leopard print two-piece exposed my butt, I felt ‘sucked and tucked’ | The Sun

A YOUTUBER'S plus-size bikini haul has resulted in some parts of her body being more exposed than she would have wished.

But her Good American swimwear spree did result in some hits.

Sarah Rae Vargas is a plus-size fashion and beauty influencer on YouTube with over 1.43 million subscribers.

Her posts are positive affirmations for curvy women everywhere.

In one, she reviewed her multi-colored plus-size bikini haul from Good American.

First up was a bright, neon pink two-piece.

“I really like the top," she surmised. "I think it’s really cute, a nice little bikini top."

The fabric got top marks too. She said: "I like the material, it’s nice and thick, and it does have a lining."

She held up a similar number from Aerie, illustrating the option for swapping around tops and bottoms between different brands.

"They do the same material," Sarah explained, "so the interchangeability is there, honey."

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She gave her views on the bottoms.

"These are a little bit more high-waisted.Obviously, we have more coverage here in the front and more coverage on the butt."

She concluded: "They will accommodate a bit more belly in the front. There’s definitely some space down here," she said.

Next up was a snazzy leopard print, but she wasn't particularly taken by this little number.

"This top is not for me," she declared. "I have high standards when it comes to my swimwear.

"When I’m out in the world in front of other people, so exposed, I need to feel extremely good."

Sarah was not feeling it in this two-piece.

"Thus far I have not felt extremely good in any of these," she said.

The bottom half of the leopard print, however, was a different matter.

"I think visually this is one of the better looks on my body, so same size for both of these."

But there was little covering her booty.

"There is a little bit more coverage obviously in the front here," she said of the bikini briefs, but not of her bottom.

"I feel my butt is definitely a little bit more exposed in these ones," she confessed.

But she did concede that they were comfortable.

"They are definitely more fitted than the previous pair. So if you’re looking for a little extra wiggle room they're not for you."

Sarah had some extra news on this bikini bottom: "She is gonna have you sucked, and tucked up in there," she revealed.

Viewers of her post, however, were impressed both with her and the swimwear.

“Both highlighted your positive assets and looked stylish,” opined one fan.

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Another said she was a winner either way: “You rocked every swimsuit girl. Even though you didn’t like the first one, it looked bomb on you sis.”

Finally, this follower had a clear favorite: "Loved the leopard print. Looked so good," she said.

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