I did a Primark haul and got an absolute must-buy – it’s fleecy & warm and perfect for chilly mornings | The Sun

THE mornings are getting chillier and many people are stocking up on warm items with heating bills rising.

And a Primark shopper has been raving about a Winnie the Pooh hoodie that is perfect for winter.

TikTok user @theslatelady held up the snug item which she picked up for just £19.

Putting it on, she said: “I really wanted one of these and there were so many details because it was the thinnest.

“Look at this.

“How amazing is this?

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“It was £19, what a bargain and I can shove it on the mornings when I’m making my brew.

“I proper love it.”

She said Primark also had a cherry-themed version but that it was “too fluffy” and the Winnie the Pooh one was the “perfect fluff.”

The Primark fan added: “So chuffed with that.”

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Her video has racked up thousands of likes, and many people seemed keen to pick one up, especially with the rising cost of living and heating bills.

One wrote: “I love that one, I also prefer the thinner fleece. I'm definitely getting that.”

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Another said: “omg I need one.”

And a third commented: “I have that one I got the other day and it's so comfy.”

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