I did a Primark homeware shop for spring & people love the floral goodies I picked up including cushions and bedding | The Sun

PRIMARK FANS can't wait to get their hands on their latest homeware range.

Kate O'Byrne shared her giant shopping haul on TikTok which included lots of spring homeware goodies.

Taking to her TikTok account, @kateobyrne, the fashion fan showed off her latest Primark haul which included a mix of homeware and clothing items.

She wrote: "spring has sprung," as she held up a giant white Primark bag filled with floral goodies.

The first thing she picked up was two pink daisy cushions for £8 each as well as a fluffy multi-coloured cushion to decorate her home.

to go with her new floral cushions, Kate picked up a floral patterned duvet cover for £12

Next, Kate picked up a pink woven pom-pom basket for £4 and a pink plastic crate for £3 and a decorative mirror with a prink and green frame.

To go with her new homeware, Kate also picked up a floral notebook for £2.50.

Moving onto clothes the 23-year-old picked up a pink and orange floral scarf she plans to wear as a bandana top.

Finally, Kate found an orange double-breasted bouclé blazer and matching skirt.

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The video has since gone viral with over 430k views and over 35k likes.

People quickly took to the comments to share their favourite products from the haul.

One wrote: "The flower pillows are sooo cute."

Another person commented: "Primark homeware is doing god's work right now."

"Aaaahhhh summer is coming," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Omg the scarf and suit set."

"I want the pillows," claimed a fifth.

Primark fans have also gone wild for their latest perfume dupes.

Savvy shopper Georgia Baigrie n revealed the brand has released four new fragrances that closely Kim Kardashian’s KKW nude fragrances.  

She said: “They have released four brand new perfumes called Au Natural, Bare All, Silk Blush and Dark Velvet.”

However Primark’s dupes come at a much more affordable price of £4 each. 

The KKW Nude Sand had floral, woody, musky scents with notes of rose opur and roasted tonka. 

Primark's Au natural is very similar to the KKW fragrance with notes of rose tonka & neroli,  but for the much more affordable price of £4. 

Kim Kardashians’ Nude Silk offered  floral, fruity scents with notes or bergamot, honeysuckle and peach. 

Primark’s £4 Bare all is closest to this perfume with hints of scents of mandarin, peach and musk. 

Kim’s pricey Nude Suede offered floral and ambery scents with hints of white amber, grapefruit and lavender. 

The fragrance launched by Primark called Dark Velvet closely resembles with hint of red fruits tuberose and amber. 

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KKW’s formal fragrance Nude Soleil offered woody and floral scents with notes of cardamom and pink peppercorn. 

Primark’s Silk Blush has brought similar scents back with notes of cardamom, violet and musk. 

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