I didn’t read the fine print for my grad photos – I was shocked by where my face turned up, there was R-rated media | The Sun

A GRADUATED theater student's headshots were used for advertisements she never knew about.

Christian Joy shared the story behind her graduation photos being unknowingly used for R-rated media.

Before her story time, Christian created a TikTok mentioning how her photographer sold her graduation photos.

"Thinking about that one time, I didn't read the fine print on my headshots contract, and my photographer sold my pics to stock photo sites," she expressed.

Christian moved her head to reveal a screenshot she took of her headshot being used for an R-rated book called "His Big, Childhood Sweetheart" by Samantha Drake.

The honest TikToker posted a video to detail the entire situation upon one follower's request.

Christian said her headshots were taken after she got her theater degree in 2010.

The photographer was referred to her "by another actor in South Florida," where she's from.

"I don't even know how long between taking those pictures and hearing about the first time they were used in an ad," she admitted.

A girl Christian knew spotted her photo at a news stand first.

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The woman sent her a picture of her face turned into "The Mona Lisa" for the cover of a news magazine.

"It was an article about whether or not Sacramento's art scene was too white," Christian detailed.

A little while after, another photo of Christian was used on a billboard for breast reduction.

And that same photo was used for other stories about big boobs.

Most notably, Christian said her face was used on the cover of the Samantha Drake book about a plus-size Black woman falling in love with a rich white man.

She said this, like all others, has never offended her.

"Here's the sucky part about this whole thing," she divulged in another video.

"I ain't make no money."

Christian admitted she's never been able to find her contract with the photographer.

While some viewers were left speechless, others couldn't stop laughing at the situation.

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"Oh noooooo I don’t even know what to say," one baffled individual wrote.

Another follower commented: "This is so funny but terrifying at the same time. Thank you for convincing me to always read a contract."

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