I dressed my mom up in my clothes – people say she’s ‘perfect’ and they want to be my step-dad | The Sun

A DAUGHTER has shared her mother's look in her clothes, proving her beauty is truly timeless.

The TikTok user's mom stunned viewers as she flaunted styles meant for women nearly 20 years younger than her.

Mischa is a digital content creator who uses the handle @mdogzzz.

She took to the digital platform to share her 39-year-old mother's dazzling glow-up.

The viral video struck a chord with audiences, garnering over 1.7m likes and counting.

"Turning my mum into me," the TikToker wrote over a video of her mother strutting down a hallway in her usual clothes.

Mischa's mother wore an oversized button-up blouse in a cream color paired with distressed denim.

The mother gained many fans when she revealed her winning look — a skin tight white T-shirt and a pair of low-rise army green cargo pants.

She pranced around striking several poses for the camera after walking off.

"She rocked it," the daughter added in the caption.

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The video comes as part of a trend where moms let their hair down and try on their daughters' clothing.

The video struck a chord with viewers, who shared their appreciation for Mischa's mom in the comment section.

Several made jokes about connecting with her mother on social media geared towards older people and professionals.

"She got a LinkedIn?" one user asked.

"Candy crush username?" another joked.

Others were completely enamored by her mother's killer looks and took an opportunity to shoot their shot.

"You need a stepdad," one commented.

"She’s perfect," another added.

"She is!!" Mischa replied.

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