I forked out almost £70 for cute nails…. the beauty tech didn't even touch my cuticles – & that wasn't the worst part | The Sun

A BEAUTY lover was mortified after a visit to a beauty salon went horribly wrong.

Getting your nails done is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but things don’t always go as planned – and nobody knows it better than Marise Randall, from Tennessee, the US.

The beauty lover, who often shares reviews of products, as well as countless stunning make-up looks on social media, took it to TikTok to reveal the tragedy.

At the start of the now-viral video, which has been viewed more than 61,000 times, Marise had inserted a snap of what she hoped she would be leaving the appointment with.

In her head, she had imagined having a cute mani of glazed pastel nails with baby pink tips – perfect for summer.

But not only did the beauty tech, as claimed by her, not bother touching the cuticles, the design couldn't have been any further off.

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Instead of light pastel tones with a nude middle, the author behind this masterpiece had opted for vibrant Barbie pink tips that looked nothing like what she had asked for.

And to make matters even worse she was charged close to £70.

Sharing an image of what she went home with, Marise said she had to redo it herself later on.

''I regret it so bad,'' the beauty lover continued in the comments.

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The blunder has taken social media by storm, leaving viewers in hysterics, with some blaming Marise for not having spoken up.


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Another agreed, asking: ''Why didn’t you speak up girl!?''

Someone else said: ''This is why I stopped going to get my nails done. Pay loads of money for sh*t outcomes.''

''I think the cuticles are the least of your concern,'' a TikTok user chuckled.

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A fellow nail fan shared their horror story: ''Um that same exact thing happened to me RIGHT BEFORE PROM.

''He was going too fast, kept hurting me with his tools, and left the cuticles so they looked Like they needed a fill even tho I JUST had them done.''

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