I go bin diving to save money – people think it’s gross but I’ve bagged new make-up palettes and £500 worth of goodies

A WOMAN goes bin diving for new make-up to save money, but admits it's "disgusting" and she often ends up covered in filth and urine. 

Kayla Wood, from Virginia, spends her evenings ‘dumpster diving’, saying she usually goes out every night around 1am to look through rubbish. 

Kayla revealed her favourite spots are the bins at Ulta, TJ Maxx, and Bed, Bath and Beyond, and she's bagged hundreds of pounds worth of goodies for free. 

Among her most prized possessions is a a £110 ($150) curling and straightening iron, and products from Clinique, Morphe, The Ordinary, Anastasia, Benefit, Becca and Carolina Herrera. 

And she's also bagged the Jeffree Star X Morphe 30 shade palette, costing £35, a £25 Joyful Color Bare Minerals palette, Urban Decay's Naked Ultraviolet palette for £43, and a £20 Juvia's Place palette.

Kayla has also bagged a £20 Make-up Eraser in black, £28 lifting boob serum and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which normally costs £40.

She said: “I mainly dive because I want to find new make-up. Because make-up is super expensive.

“Dumpster diving is super fun, you never know what you’re going to find. 

“I have found so much stuff. It’s actually a hobby now.”

Kayla, who shares her dives on TikTok, has bagged perfume, body lotion, speakers, headphones, toys, shampoo, jewellery, toner, cleanser and make-up brushes. 

Despite raving about her finds, she admitted the bins stink, she gets covered in filth and on the occasions where she forgets her gloves – she digs through rubbish anyway. 

She said: “Nearly every single time I dive… I always get it on my hands. Sometimes I don't wear gloves if I forget them.

“Sometimes I find gloves in the dumpster which I wear. 

“I get a lot of hate comments from dumpster diving but honestly, it’s not that bad. 

“I bring sanitizer with me, I wear gloves most of the time, I wash and sanitise everything that I get. I’ve fallen into the dumpster. I always take a shower after.” 

She admitted she has to wade through bags of rubbish and bugs to try and find treasures, which even she called ‘disgusting’.

Kayla said: “It is a dumpster, it smells bad every single time I dive because obviously it’s a dumpster, there’s trash in it, there’s s**t in it, there’s p**s. It stinks a lot. 

“It’s going to be disgusting.”

Despite stating most of what has been thrown away is perfectly usable, Kayla’s hobby attracts a lot of criticism, with people grossed out by her hauls. 

People have questioned her hobby online, with her TikTok clips racking up thousands of horrified comments.

One person said: “I would do this but I wouldn’t be able to take the shame.”

Another pointed out: “The make-up doesn’t look sanitary.”

A third wrote: “Honestly wouldn’t recommend dumpster diving right now.

"Because we don’t have testers, so everything you’re finding is used.”

Someone else asked: “Did you say you are wearing hair extensions you got from the dumpster.”

This person commented: “You know that this stuff is thrown away for a reason right?”

Somebody else wrote: “Omg why do you use your bare hands!!?”

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