I got a £100 parking fine for shopping in Morrisons but it’s not even true… and my appeal's left people in stitches | The Sun

A MAN has left people in stitches by sharing how he's appealing a £100 parking fine.

Jack took to TikTok to share a video after revealing he'd been met with the fine after returning home from Los Angeles.

"Just got back from the airport and I’m greeted with a £100 parking fine," he began.

"It’s not even true. So I’ve had no option but to write an appeal, and this is a good one.

"This is my appeal, I'm going to read it from my laptop."

He then began reading his appeal, which started: "I understand we’re in a cozzy livvy and times are tough but the way to make your shillings is not by joyriding on the weak and feeble.

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"I for one being both weak and feeble. You’ve immorally accused me of staying in Morrisons car park for five and a half hours.

"Do you think that’s something I would do?

"Do I strike you as the sort of person that lurks in the dark corners of a Morrisons car park midday on a Tuesday, waiting to steal someone’s jam doughnuts?"

Jack continued to insist he's got "proof" he wasn't in the Morrisons car park at the time, and was two miles down the road.

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"I would like the parking fine rescinded immediately," he concluded.

"I don’t have the £100 and if I have to pay it, I’ll be forced to solicit my body for feet pictures, a career I was not quite ready to take up just yet.

"Kind regards, Jack."

People were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in, with many praising Jack for his witty response.

"imagine someone reading that back and having to take it seriously I wouldn't be able to do it lmao," one wrote.

"joe lycett vibes!! hilarious x" another added.

"I’m sooo dead LOOOOOOL," a third commented.

"Absolutely nailed it!" someone else wrote.

While another commented: "Honestly if i worked for this parking company i would pay you the £100."

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"I literally have the same parking fine omg 5 and a half hours at the local Morrisons like I’m working a shift," someone else fumed.

Jack has yet to receive a reply to his appeal, but promised he'll be updating his TikTok page when he does.

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