I got a Botox lip flip before my wedding so I didn't have to pay for filler… my was mouth numb and I couldn’t drink

THERE'S no shame in wanting to get some light work done before your wedding day so that look your best for all of those photos.

But one woman has warned of the side effects of getting Botox lip filler, as her lips went numb after the procedure.

Posting a video to TikTok, a woman named Bella explained that she decided to get a lip flip instead of fillers.

She was quick to regret the decision, as things didn't quite go according to plan.

"When you think you can outsmart the beauty industry by getting a Botox lip flip instead of expensive lip fillers and now your lip is numb two weeks before your wedding," she said in the clip.

Sure enough, in the video you can see Bella struggling to drink out of a champagne glass.

In the comments, she explained that she tried drinking out of a straw as well but that was 'even worse'.

She continued: "I probably won't do it again. It's not worth it."

Bella revealed that she paid $150 for the procedure to help show less of her gum while smiling.

Viewers flooded to the comments, sharing their own thoughts and experiences.

One person asked Bella the all-important question of whether she would be able to say 'I do' on her wedding day.

"Yeah! But talking is kinda hard. It is getting better day by day though," the bride-to-be explained.


Any many people commended her on how good her lips look.

"It looks amazing though," one person said.

Others shared their knowledge when it comes to the procedure, in hope that it helps Bella going forward.

"Lip flips are actually to correct gummy smiles. Me and you learned the hard way that we actually want filler," another person commented.

Someone else added: "That weird feeling usually lasts a week or two. Hopefully it softens before your wedding!"

Bella responded: "Thank god! I'm starting to feel better. Lips and face. She definitely got rid of all the wrinkles and NO gum is showing anywhere when I smile."

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And I got $20 lip Botox to stop fine lines, now I can’t drink through a straw, I look weird when I eat and I can’t whistle.

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