I got married in a £1.5k luxury wedding dress I found in Oxfam for £100

A BRIDE has revealed how she got a £1,500 vintage wedding dress for just £100 from Oxfam.

Sally Sharlot, 43, was looking for the dress of her dreams, but on a shoestring budget. 

The busy mum appeared on a previous episode of Say Yes to the Dress and headed to an Oxfam’s bridal boutique to see if she could find a luxury gown at a low cost. 

Royal dress designer David Emmanuel usually helps brides select from dresses that cost  £2,000 to £10,000 price, but the average price of a wedding dress at an Oxfam boutique is £250.

Sally said: “If I can get a bargain today for my wedding dress then fab.

“I’d like to spend less on my dress so I have more money to spend on my wedding.”

All the dresses in the Oxfam bridal boutique in Chippenham Wiltshire have been donated but are in a good condition.

Sally was looking for something simple and plain for her gown, although her entourage said she should look for a princess gown. 

Her limit was £500 for the special dress, but thankfully she managed to pick up one for a fifth of her budget at a bargain £100.

She opted for a tiered organza dress that used to cost £1,500, and David said: “You are getting a steal.”

After they added a diamante belt and veil, Sally was in love with her choice, and said: “The dress is beautiful, it makes me feel elegant, glamorous.

“It’s a lovely feeling knowing I haven’t had to go over my budget.”

David Emanuel said: “I’m amazed and impressed by the quality of the clothes and the variety of styles. This is smart shopping.  

“Most of the dresses look brand new, they are beautifully clean and pressed and ready to step into, and you can buy designer at an Oxfam bridal boutique for a fraction of the price.  

“What’s not to like about saying ‘Yes’ to the dress for less?”

There are 12 specialist bridal shops across the country, and lots of wedding dresses on the Oxfam Online Shop at www.oxfam.org.uk/bridal.

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