I got my mum to rate women’s shoes and what they say about you & her opinions were truthfully savage | The Sun

THEY say mother's know best, so it only makes sense to get their opinion on everything.

And one man has got his mum on TikTok to rate women's designer shoes and what they say about the person wearing them.

Eiitan Broude, form Australia, shared the video of his mum on TikTok, and viewers can't get enough of his mum's very honest opinions.

The first shoe under attack was the Valentino Rockstud shoes, and the mum didn't hold back.

She revealed that if you wear these then you are stuck in 2012.

The mum added: "You think you're Serena from Gossip Girl, strutting around New York."


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If you wear the Bottega Veneta heels, you're in Eiitan's mum's good books.

"You've got style, you've got sass, you probably live in a magnificent home with tasteful artwork, clean mirrors, you're car is probably spectacularly clean.

And best of all we would be close, close friends because that's my colour," she added.

The mum added that you're probably a country bumpkin if you wear the Gucci black leather heeled sandals.

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"You're trying to be a big girl clomping around in these and you evidently don't know Gucci Pucci's not the way to go," she revealed.

Hermès sandals have taken the internet by storm over the last year, but they aren't a winner for Eiitan's mum.

She explained: "You're probably going clunk, clunk, clunk all over the supermarket annoying the bejesus out of everybody thinking that you've got swagger, in fact, you just look silly in them."

If you wear the Balenciaga chunky rubber trainers then it can only mean one thing, you're probably really cool, explained the mum.

"You're too cool to probably even talk to us, and look at us," she added.

The Chanel Polly Pocket shoes are a fan favourite and for good reason.

The mum said: "You are pretty much on point for everything, your makeup will be perfectly applied."

She added: "Your pedicure FOR SURE will look magnificent in these shoes."

Finally, if you're a fan of the Balenciaga Platform Crocs then you'll be best friends forever with Eiitan's mum.

The mum said: "You're comfortable, happy, you know who you are, you're welcome to come for dinner any time."

Viewers couldn't get enough of the mum's opinions and many agreed with her brutally honest statements.

One wrote: "Can I tell you I am in the supermarket right now wearing my Hermes sandals and I walked out."

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Another person commented: "She’s saying 100% facts only."

A third added: "Mum is always spot on. An icon."

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