I had a major glow-up in the cheapest way possible – you can change your face just by breathing differently | The Sun

A BLONDE bombshell said she had a glow-up that didn’t take much time or money.

The internet was shocked when the woman revealed her snatched face, which was the result of a change in her breathing technique.

TikToker Isabelle Eacrett (@isabelleeacrett) completely transformed her appearance and is revealing exactly how she did it.

“How to glow up in the cheapest way possible,” she said in the clip.

Showing an old photo of herself, she widened her eyes to demonstrate her disapproval.

With brown hair, no makeup on, and less defined lips and brows, she looked nothing like the bleach blonde, long-lashed, dewy woman she is today.

“I look a lot different now," she said frankly.

Isabelle attributed her beauty to a time of self-reflection during the pandemic.

“When Covid hit, that’s when I really started to focus on my appearance and start to try and better myself.”

Sharing a few changes that she implemented to achieve her new look, she said her confidence grew significantly.

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“White teeth is an instant glow up.

“I used to have really yellow teeth and that was my biggest insecurity. And that’s like the first thing people notice," she said.

The Target whitening strips she used only cost $29 for a 20-day pack.

“The work really well,” she said, while flaunting her pearly whites.

Her next tip is one that is totally free: alter the way you breathe.

“Do not breathe from your mouth ever," she said.

She shared side-by-side photos of a man who used to be a mouth-breather but no longer is, and the difference in his chin and jaw was mind-blowing.

“Another important thing with this is having correct tongue posture.”

Rather than let your tongue hang in the middle of your mouth, you want it touching the whole roof.

Her final tip was to find out what hair color suits you best.

She revealed photos from when she was a natural brunette, photos from when she dyed her hair black, and photos from now, after going blonde.

“I just think that blonde suits me so much more. Everyone has different preferences, so you just have to find the color that you feel the most confident in.”

While all three tips contributed to her glow up, viewers were fixated on the breathing switch.

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“The way the tongue posture just changed my face from being longer to looking short, heart shaped. I feel like that’s dramatic but it’s so cute,” one person wrote.

“The diagram [of mouth breathing] was a game changer,” added another.

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