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WHETHER you have big or small boobs – they all come with their own lists of pros and cons.

One woman, who has 32G breasts, revealed that having large boobs isn’t all it’s made out to be.

Vanessa, who posts on TikTok under the username @vaninileon and has amassed 159k followers on the video sharing platform, revealed that having big boobs comes with a huge list of cons.

So if you are someone that often dreams about having larger boobs – you may want to listen up. 

She explained: “Why people might be insecure about having bigger boobs.”

Due to her large breasts, Vanessa revealed that having such a figure can make you look “inappropriate/vulgar in certain clothes.”

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Not only this, but she explained that it’s annoying to have to deal with “sagging”, as well as “under boob sweat.”

Vanessa continued and revealed that having big boobs also means having “stretch marks” and having to deal with “spilling over.”

But it gets worse, as Vanessa claimed that she also receives “judgy looks from other women.”

As well as this, she noted that having such a large chest means she is “heavily sexualised” too.

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And finally, Vanessa explained that just because of the size of her boobs, she will often receive “dirty looks from literally anyone.” 

Vanessa’s clip has quickly racked up a whopping 178.7k views.

It has 20.2k likes, 365 comments and 267 shares.

TikTok users could relate to Vanessa, as many took to the comments to reveal what they find annoying about having large boobs.

One person said: “Honestly! The way I get dirty looks from adult women just for wearing clothes that fit me is insane.” 

Another added: “Baggy fits make me look so huge because of them.” 

A third commented: “They also interrupt the body’s flow, it’s like a speed bump and makes me feel so off balance and awkward.”

Whilst someone else noted: “Being stared at by old men.”

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Another user posted: "The pain, the rashes, the bad posture, the being sexualized for them.."

Meanwhile, one woman claimed: "It also hurts to run or jump, going up and down stairs makes them go everywhere, they get in the way when exercising and so much more."

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