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NO matter what your body type is, finding flattering clothes is always a bit of a toss-up.

With big boobs, tops often seem too tight, and with small boobs, they fall too loosely.

A woman named Kathryn Zingone, who goes by @kattttttzingone on TikTok, said she often has a hard time shopping for cute clothes that make her large chest look good.

“I know you all really struggle with finding cute tops if you do have a bigger chest, so I wanted to show you a couple options I really like to wear,” she began.

The first item was a bubble gum pink, long sleeve, fitted crop top.

It was from the site Adika and costs $25.

“I think it’s really cute. I got it in a small and I’m pretty sure it comes in black as well.”

Kathryn loved the fact that she could wear a bra with the top and it wouldn’t show.

She paired it with casual blue jeans.

The second top she wore was one from the site Pretty Little Thing, which costs only $10.

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It was a corset, crop top style, with a white and pink floral pattern.

“I got it in a size four, and I really like the fact that I can wear a bra with it.”

As a disclaimer, she did mention that the top wasn’t the best quality.

Kathryn added that she loved the wide straps – something that is rare with corset tops.

Her third and final top was a light blue t-shirt crop from Shein.

It costs only $6.

“I got it in a size small. I think the cut specifically is really flattering if you have a bigger chest.”

She noted that it’s extremely cropped, so you should size up for this one.

Viewers praised her for offering tips for women of different figures:

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“I love your content!!! Finally someone with a similar body type,” one person wrote.

“You are my saving grace I swear to God,” added another.

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