I have big boobs and hate wearing bras – I can barely breathe in them, but now I have a great tip for going without | The Sun

A BIG-CHESTED woman's tip to go braless has gone viral.

Chloe’s (@chloedomecqq) discovery was only made by chance, but it couldn't have come at a better time.

So far, more than 92,000 followers like her tip-sharing TikTok video.

She says having big boobs can be restrictive to an active life in the great outdoors.

Chloe is a fan of hiking and camping, but having big boobs presents challenges.

“How I go braless with bigger boobs,” she tells her viewers.

Usually, going without a bra as a midsize woman is not easy.

“I’ve been that way my whole life,” she says.

It is irritating when others envy her chest size.

People say: “Oh God, you’re so lucky. No, I’m not. It’s something I struggle with like every day.”

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She has been so down about her boobs in the past that she has even considered taking extreme measures.

“I think about removing them a lot of the time because I have an active lifestyle," she says.

The lack of bra choice for active young women like her is frustrating, she says.

“I hike, I climb, but the bras I wear don’t let me breathe, literally restrict my breathing.”

A chance shopping trip with her mom, however, leads to a very simple solution.

“I was shopping at the Sedona Goodwill and I found this lovely Lululemon piece," she explains in her video.

The item is a lovely, blue-patterned vest, but it is extra small.

“My mom said: ‘Oh my God, you can’t get that. It’s an extra small.'”

Chloe tried it on anyway and was thrilled with the result.

It is the answer to all her active life bra problems.

All it took was a cute little top – a stroke of genius.

The tiny top hugs her, holding her shape, and allowing her to go braless.

She said: “The extra small size literally gave me the support to go braless.”

Chloe's video is urging big-breasted women everywhere to try her tip.

“If the material is stretchy enough, just try sizing down. Trust me.”

Comments to her post were blown away by her simple yet brilliant tip.

Her story inspired this comment: “Seeing my body type in the outdoor community is so helpful. I always feel like outdoorsy people are so small and that’s fine, but it’s awesome to see you.”

Another said: “Wow, honestly, thank you for sharing this. We need to be more honest with each other. And looking as snatched as hell, queen.”

There was gratitude from others: “You are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this and keeping it so real.”

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“God this is so relatable. Thank you.”

“Normalizing normal bodies doing normal body things like being midsize and exercising heal my inner child so much. I wish there were more that did it.”

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