I have big boobs & tried the viral ‘cropped tank top challenge’ – it looked SO cute but didn’t work with a certain tee | The Sun

VIRAL fashion challenges aren't often developed with well-endowed chests in mind.

One fashion influencer was delighted to discover a social media trend looked great on her frame – except with a specific style that was a total bust.

"Okay, so I'm a little late to this trend," Ali Cortese said by way of introduction. The TikTok star has 658k followers on the platform, where she posts candid fashion advice and clothing hacks.

In one recent video, Cortese tried out a tank top trend that converts a standard shirt into a cropped, fitted look.

"I've been seeing all these girls do this trend where you take a tank top, you twist it, and you turn it into a whole different top," Cortese explained.

But a major demographic had been left out of the trend, she reported.


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"I have yet to see a girl with a bigger chest do it, and I'm very curious to see how that would look," Cortese said. She set out to try the viral wardrobe hack herself.

To recreate the look, Cortese put on a spaghetti-strap tank top over her bra.

She engaged in a bit of fashion wizardry: sliding one strap down her arm, she tucked it into the torso of the shirt and pulled it underneath, looping the fabric over itself as she pulled the strap back out.

After a little off-camera adjusting to make sure the shirt lined up on her back and bust, Cortese revealed the completed look – and her delighted surprise.

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"Okay, what? It looks so cute!" said Cortese, turning to show the twists in the center of her chest and back.

Thrilled with her first attempt, Cortese decided to try the hack on a few other types of shirt.

She was pleased to see that the shirt hack looked great with other tank top styles.

Cortese tried out a darker shirt with thicker straps, and declared the end result was just as cute as the first.

Then, she gave a cap-sleeve t-shirt a go. Looking at herself in the camera, Cortese was skeptical.

"It doesn't really work as well with a t-shirt," she admitted, tweaking the fabric slightly.

Turning to show off the back, she seemed to waver, uncertain as to her final verdict on whether the hack works for t-shirts.

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"I still kind of like it," she said. But with her frame, tank tops might be the best base layer for the hack.

"Maybe if I didn't have as big of a chest," Cortese added.

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