I have big size G boobs and going to the gym is a nightmare – it takes six sports bras to keep them in place

A WOMAN has gone viral after revealing how many sports bras she has to put on to keep her boobs in place.

Those with bigger breasts know how painful and unpleasant exercise can be when you're wearing a bra with no support – it's particularly frustrating when there's jumping and running involved.

This is exactly what happened to one woman who decided to share her journey on social media.

Taking it to TikTok, the user Elin (@elin_flexibledieting) revealed what an arduous journey she has to go through to get ready for a gym session.

''POV: when you have G sized cans and there is running programmed in the workout,'' read the caption alongside a snap of the fit guru in a red bikini.

At the start of the clip, which has been viewed close to 530,000 times, Elin could be seen rocking a pair of red leopard print leggings, as well as a soft grey bra.

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She then grabbed a black and white sports bra and did a little jump – only to realise this wouldn't provide enough support for her ''cans''.

Trying to ensure the girls are comfortable during the run, the dieting coach then wore another bra on top – but again, to no avail.

Desperate, Elin proceeded to see if wearing another bra on top would make a difference.

Unfortunately, her G size boobs were still bouncing up and down too much.

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In total, the fitness fanatic wore a whopping six sports bras – with a regular one already underneath the pile.

At the end of the viral clip, thick layer of bras had become so tight and suffocating, Elin jokingly demonstrated how she would pass out from the lack of oxygen.

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''What girls out there can relate,'' she wrote in the caption alongside two melon emojis.

In response to those who said that she had caused this problem for herself after getting implants, Elin said: ''It’s a problem im very happy to have love [sic].''

Fellow women with bigger boobs were in hysterics, with some taking it to comments to share their experience.

''I could never go running . I’m going one way and they would go another,'' chuckled one.

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''I feel that pain! That’s why I got a reduction,'' another revealed.

Some also shared a list of recommendations for high-support bras, including SheFit, Panache and Elomi.

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