I live in a tiny wagon I built myself for just £4K – I have to wash with a bucket but there are so many upsides | The Sun

A WOMAN who lives in a tiny wagon revealed how she made it herself and why she loves living in such a small space.

Brooke Whipple is a wilderness survivalist, so living in a tiny wagon surrounded by nature is a dream for her.

She showed off her pad to Tiny House Giant Journey and explained how she makes the space work for her.

Brooke currently lives in the wagon in Alaska with her dog, Moose, and her husband.

"There were a lot of challenges with this build because there was a lot of stuff I'd never done," she explained.

The wagon has a curved roof and round windows were especially challenging for her.


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The build cost Brooke a total of £4,000, which was less than she anticipated.

Immediately after finishing the build she towed the home 3,900 from Michigan to Alaska and was impressed by how well it travelled.

Inside, the wagon is pretty cosy, with just enough room for Brooke, her husband and their pooch.

She said she got a lot of inspiration for the interior design from second hand shops, which is what gives the home it's rustic and charming feel.

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Storage wise, there's plenty of room under the bed for all the bits and bobs she could ever need.

"When I'm travelling there's a composing toilet under here, I have all my extra gear, my clothes," she noted.

The wagon even has space for a dining area and tiny kitchen – although there's no real bathroom

Brooke explained she has to use a bucket to wash outside to keep clean, but she's used to it so doesn't mind.

"I do my hair first and I don't get any soap in the clean water," she explained.

Then she rinsing the soapy water into a separate bucket, so she always has clean water to wash with.

After showing off her home on YouTube, people were amazed by how charming the wagon looked.

One said: "Simply beautiful! Everything about it is so romantic and yet cleverly thought out. Gorgeous! She is an amazing woman."

A second agreed: "You did a great job on your home love the outside and how you did everything."

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