I regret my son's name thanks to President Biden – it's become a running joke | The Sun

YEARS before Joe Biden ran for president, an expecting mom picked a common name for her baby boy.

Today, the name has different connotations, and they leave her feeling awkward in public – but luckily, she's not alone.

Emily Perry acted out the uncomfortable new reality in a TikTok, which parents in the comments section commiserated with.

The caption of the video said it all: Perry titled it, "Parent who now sorta regrets naming her son Brandon."

Pretending to be at a sports game, Perry cheered on the imaginary "Brandon."

"Nice, Brandon! Great shot! Yeah, let's go…buddy!" she shouted, catching herself.

The phrase "let's go Brandon" refers to a meme generated from a viral video of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown.

In the clip, a crowd behind Brown chants "f*** Joe Biden," which an NBC reporter mishears and repeats as "let's go Brandon."

Today, the phrase "let's go Brandon" is used as a pejorative stand-in for the expletive-laden anti-Biden sentiment.

Perry's TikTok video demonstrates the uncomfortable position parents face when cheering on their children who share the name.

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"Way to be, son! Good job!" Perry shouted, cringing as she tried to praise the child without having it misconstrued as a political statement.

Dozens of parents laughed alongside Perry in the comment section.

"I’ve resorted to 'yay Brandon' for my sister's boyfriend at his games," one shared.

Another woman revealed that she'd faced another level of awkwardness.

"I coached a kid named Brandon and this was all I could think about," she lamented.

Others took the discomfort in stride, including a few adults who were also impacted by the newly-minted GOP catchphrase.

"My husband's name is Brandon," a woman commented. "Today he picked up one of those stickers and said, 'Ah, I love being praised.'"

But some families chose to discontinue using the given name entirely.

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A mom said Perry's video captured exactly how she felt about her own son.

"We have since started calling him Bubby," she confessed.

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