I saw some cute Easter Egg Hunt kits in Tesco so decided to grab one, then got a whopping surprise at the till | The Sun

TESCO shoppers were left open-mouthed during recent shopping trips when they picked up an Easter Egg Hunt kit from the shelves that was meant to be £5.

But when they took it to the supermarket's till, they got the best surprise as the pack, which contains a minimum of 23 milk and white chocolate eggs in different sizes, scanned for just £2. 

Thrilled with their bargain, several people took to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to spread the word.

And now everyone is getting in on the action with plenty of time before Easter weekend. 

One lucky shopper posted a snap of the box, which is a turquoise colour, and told parents looking for a fun activity all about their find. 

They wrote: “Not sure if it’s all Tesco’s but this Easter egg hunt 23pk just scanned through at £2.

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“Can’t seem to find it online, the closest I could find was an 18pk for £5.”

The savvy shopper then added a snap of her receipt as proof, as other members of the group tagged family and friends to let them know.

Since, others have taken the shopper’s advice and headed to their own local store to check out the amazing deal.

And many have been just as fortunate, as another person reported back to the group that they’d also been able to get their hands on one.

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Alongside their picture, they typed: “Anyone still on the hunt for the Easter Egg hunt from Tesco?

“I’ve just bought one at Tesco Extra in Stockport.

“Still scanning at £2, shelf said either £5/£6.”

Meanwhile, another mum said she’d been on the lookout for Easter treat ideas for her son and had shopped around several supermarkets.

She got a mini haul full of chocolate eggs and treats from her local supermarkets, including the £2 Tesco 34-piece kit that she couldn’t get enough of. 

Other parents were impressed with her savviness, as they congratulated her on her bargain and said her little one would love it.

One person wrote: “Great idea! Lucky boy! He will have fun.”

Another said: “What a great idea!!”

However, one person warned other chocoholics that they need to act fast, as the kits are already selling out up and down the country. 

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They wrote: “Had sold out of the Easter Egg Hunt ones at West Thurrock Tesco…

“Huge store, but not a box in sight.”

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