I spent £385 on a Very returns pallet – there were so many toys including a £130 Go Kart bike and a Lego set worth £229 | The Sun

BUYING a returns pallet is risky business – you're never sure what will turn up at your doorstep.

While you can get some items that have been unused, others can come completely broken.

But it was a risk Jon Sheppard was willing to take as he splashed out £385 on a Very returns pallet in the hopes of making a profit.

And it seemed to have paid off as the return pallet was full of expensive toys he could sell on as well as homeware bits.

The first item Jon unboxed was an unused double duvet cover in silver worth £38 online.

Jon said he liked it so much that he might keep it himself rather than sell it on.


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Next he bagged a Delonghi Ballerina kettle which costs £39, but it was unfortunately faulty, he also bagged a lampshade although he wasn't too impressed with it.

Jon said: "These are only cheap, they're not actually expensive and it's just a shade."

He also bagged an adorable dinosaur themed photo frame plus some Halloween decorations and a light up Christmas tree ornament.

The bargain hunter then found three sets of Lego, including a Lego technics airbus that retails for £180,

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The most expensive item in the pallet was £229 and was a Lego Might Bowser set in pristine condition.

"This is brand new, I'm going to try and sell this for as much as possible," exclaimed Jon.

Finally, he bagged a sealed Lego doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness set which costs £215.

He said: "I could probably sell this today for $150 so the pallet has been paid for now just from the Lego."

Jon also found a hot sauce collection and a Fortnight play gun for £40.

Next was a Zinc motorised scooter in pink and a Dino Cozy Coupe which retails for £65, a Peppa Pig bike worth £42.

Jon also picked up the viral Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser worth £99, "This is brilliant, this is the best pallet I've had," the bargain hunter added.

Finally, John got a Speedster Go-Kart worth £129.

The bargain hunter was thrilled with his finds, saying it was the best returns pallet he had ever received.

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