I spent $600 on the Kardashians' used clothes – Kourtney’s came with her hair stuck to it & Kim’s was too big on my hips | The Sun

YOU may have dreamed of what it would be like to own pieces from a Kardashian Jenner closet – and now you can shop all six.

One YouTuber couldn't help herself and spent $600 on items from Kardashian Kloset, and the items didn't come clean.

Kardashian Kloset is a designer resale website filled with the family's used clothing and accessories.

Between $65,000 Birkin bags and $3,500 Bottega Veneta pants, the items Kris and her daughters no longer want can be anyone's if you're willing to pay.

YouTube fan @Roxxsaurus spent $600 shopping Kourtney, Kylie, and Kim's closets and only got three items.

Roxi posted a video using their clothes to recreate their looks and was shocked when she opened up the items.

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"I really hope these items will fit me," she says after realizing how much she spent on their final sale site.

Roxi opens the box her purchases came in, and inside they're carefully wrapped in a thin layer of polka dot tissue paper with a circle "K" sticker on top.

She rips into the first item: Kourtney's $125 PRIVÉ periwinkle silk slip dress.

The photo of Kourtney in the dress shows her pairing the mini with a white baby T-shirt underneath and a pair of tan booties.

"This little slip dress goes way back. I feel like I'm holding a piece of history," Roxi says.

"It's actually really cute. You can tell it's been worn…It's actually got a hair on it. Oh my god, is that Kourtney's hair?"

Aside from the hair, the dress is in good condition.

Roxi puts on a white T-shirt and boots.

She says: "This is actually so crazy that I'm wearing her actual dress she's wearing in that photo. It's just such a crazy concept."

The dress is way longer on Kourtney than it is on Roxi.

She had to put on a pair of neutral shorts.

"I actually really like this dress on its own. Perhaps I could wear it without the T-shirt, and maybe I'd prefer it more on its own," she admits.

She rates it a 9/10.

Next, she opens the item she's most excited about.

For $250, she bought Kylie Jenner's latex faux leather red pants.

Kylie featured them in an Instagram photo where she was wearing a white cropped tank and holding a red heart-shaped bag.

Roxi freaks out over the fact that the pants in her hands were worn by Kylie herself.

"What do I see here? I see some dirt. Wow, they didn't clean these. You'd think before they sell it, they'd dry clean it or something like that," Roxi says.

She wonders whether the pants will fit her and if they're comfortable enough for Kylie to wear all day.

Roxi changes into the pants and recreates Kylie's outfit.

"First things first, I am so impressed with these. I genuinely didn't think these would fit me," she says in shock.

Though the pants are a bit big, they still work.

"Red isn't really my color. They don't have any pockets," she explains.

The last item is a coveted piece from the fashion icon's closet.

Roxi refers to Kim Kardashian as the "queen" and freaks out as she tears through the tissue paper.

The item is a white Calvin Klein maxi skirt for $220.

"I feel like this is another memorabilia piece," Roxi says as she points to a 2015 photo of Kim wearing it.

She already knows the skirt isn't going to fit her.

"I mean let's be real, Kim's body is very curvy. She's very voluptuous around the hips and the butt area, whereas me not so much," Roxi proclaims.

This white skirt has a little tear in the underlining with one short black hair stuck in the front too.

"I don't want to assume what that could be," Roxi laughs.

Kim paired the skirt with a white bandeau top and fur coat.

The skirt fits around Roxi's waist, but it's a little boxy in the hip and thigh area.

"This is so cute, I really really like it," Roxi admits.

Viewers were appalled by the fact that the clothes didn't come clean.

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"Omg, the fact that they don’t clean those clothes prior to sending them, disgusts me! Famous or not, nobody wants to touch certain pieces of hair of another person," one disgusted woman wrote.

Another woman argued: "Regarding them not cleaning the items before sending them out… Cleaning them would decrease the value for certain people honestly."

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