I spotted Lynx reduced in the shop so cleared the shelf – people troll me but I’m not bothered, I needed them all | The Sun

HE spotted big bottles of Lynx reduced from £3.50 to just 75p each in his local Morrisons, so cleared the shelf.

But when Dominic took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK page on Facebook to boast about his bargain find, he found himself trolled by people accusing him of not leaving any for others.

Alongside pictures of the 37 bottles of Lynx A.I. he nabbed, Dominic wrote: "75p each bargain not the small cans either.

"That's the family and kids sorted Christmas lol."

But the comments section was quickly filled with remarks from people accusing Dominic of being selfish.

"How selfish what about the other people that need spray?" one asked.

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However, Dominic hit back, writing that he'd got the bottles off of a "big lynx stand full – must of been 200+".

And others praised him for nabbing such a bargain, insisting they would have picked up loads too.

"People would of done the same thing if it was them who found the bargain and cleared the shelf – especially when it’s a good deal like this one!" one wrote.

"Just a good little stocking filling or to put in a hamper with a few other little bits too."

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"If there'd been 100 on the shelf, I'd have taken the lot!" another added.

"Well Done, great bargain!"

"People who moan are the jealous ones who didn't get them…" a third said.

"I'd take exactly what I needed as well, well done!"

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