I started my own property firm when I was still at school – now I'm 19 and already worth £12m | The Sun

MOST 17-year-olds are focused on their A-level exams and going out with friends then starting their own company.

But Akshay Ruparelia, from the UK, had other plans and decided to create his own company.

Sitting in his tiny bedroom, Akshay created his own online estate agency while in sixth form studying for exams.

The idea came to him after his family moved into a new home and discovered the staggering fees estate agencies charge people to move house.

He told the BBC: "As a child, in our first house move as a family is where I discover the job estate agents and the absolute insane commission they charge."

At 17 he set to work creating his own website, doorsteps, charging people £99 to sell their property.


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Now, Akshay's business is worth twelve million pounds, but the teenage millionaire isn't lavish with it.

Speaking on This Morning, he revealed that he pays himself a salary of just £1,000 a month, doesn't have a car and still lives with his parents.

He added: "It's a nice, normal salary."

Asked if he has a flashy car he chuckled saying he had 'no car' and that he still lived with his mum and dad.

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The impressive teenage even received three A's in his exams and got offered a place at Oxford university, but decided to focus on his company.

but this wasn't the first time Akshay had tried out being an entrepreneur – when he was 12-years-old he wanted a PlayStation, when his parents said no he took matters into his own hands.

He bought a wholesale box of sweets and began selling at school to make the money to buy his own.

Akshay revealed a lot of the resilience and confidence he has comes from having the responsibility to care for his parents, who are both deaf, at a young age.

Now the teenager has his own office to work form instead of his bedroom, and his friends have given him the nickname 'Alan sugar' thanks to his savvy business skills.

Akshay's new goal is to be the best rated agency for service and the number one estate agent in Britain.

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