I still wear crop tops even though people tell me I'm 'too old' – I refuse to 'dress my age' | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER has refused to abide by anyone's rules when it comes to what is deemed appropriate wardrobe choices.

She has displayed contempt for any accusers who say she should dress her age.

Anyone bold enough to tell her she is too old to wear certain items of clothing has been given short shrift.

Ria (@__ria9__) has over 635,000 TikTok followers.

But her post about age-appropriate clothing struck a nerve, attracting over 29,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

In it, she played two roles: the judgemental type and the one being judged.

Wearing a floral blouse with her hair tied back, she had a look of disdain as she asked: “How old are you?

Her other half wore a black sleeveless, crop top, and replied: “I’m 31."

With a withering look up and down, her accuser said: "And you wear crop tops?”

The Khloe Kardashian look-alike appeared completely unmoved by the veiled criticism and didn't look like she would be dressing any different any time soon.

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“Dress how you want," she said. "The over 30 club.”

The comments section was very busy with the vast majority in full support of Ria's desire to dress her way and no one else's.

“You do your thing, and I do my thing, simple as that," was a response typical of many more.

Another was incredulous: “So after a specific age we stop wearing crop tops or any type of clothes we like?" she asked.

There were many of her tribe asserting their right to dress their way: “I’m 39 and still rock a crop top," said this lady.

Summing up the view of many, this fan encouraged her to keep doing what she was doing: "Wear whatever the heck I want. Girl you rock," she said.

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