I tried the TikTok freckles hack but it left me with scars all over my face & I'm now trying to heal it with snails

A WOMAN who was scarred by freckle tattoos has revealed she now puts snails on her face to heal the damage.

Tilly Whitfeld, 22, who appeared on Big Brother Australia, tried to achieve a sunkissed look by using ink and a sewing needle.

But, unfortunately, the DIY beauty procedure didn't go according to plan, leaving her with scars all over her face.

Desperate to heal the damage, the Aussie star is willing to try any method – and has now resorted to using snails, the Daily Star reported.

Sharing her new beauty routine, the 22-year-old was captured having something Tilly called a ''snail facial''.

This, as demonstrated in the viral clip, involved four slimy crawlies slithering over her face and leaving behind mucus.

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Tilly explained that the mucus is made up of hyaluronic acid which is crucial for helping to heal scar tissue – and the short video went on to show the Aussie having the molluscs individually placed on her face.

However, the young woman also warned her fans: "Please do not attempt this at home, snails carry diseases and this was done at my own risk.

"These [snails] are not from the garden they are purchased from a breeder and this was supervised so nothing was ingested.”

Once the four ''facialists'' had finished their job, they were removed before Tilly proceeded to rub the leftover mucus into her skin.

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''Hopefully, this will help with lightening my scars and tightening my pores.''

For extra benefits, the Aussie applied some moisturiser on top to ''retain the nutrients''.

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''After, my skin feels a lot better, all the tan's off. It feels shiny and fresh,'' she vouched for the results.

Speaking to The New York Times about her faux freckles incident, Tilly said that the DIY treatment left her with red burns on her cheeks and even temporary blindness.

The beauty lover decided to give it a go after watching a TikTok video where a person was usibng a sewing needle to prick her skin with ink which reported results that lasted six months.

Determined to get semi-permanent freckles in the comfort of her home, the TV star then ordered some brown tattoo ink from eBay – but was left with nothing other than regret.

“I ended up in hospital with temporary loss of vision in my eye due to swelling and was very sick from the infection, not to mention my face was somewhat unrecognisable. Leave it to the professionals."

After a while, she came to discover that the ink she had used contained “high levels of lead”, which is not only extremely dangerous but also toxic.

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Since left with scars and burns, Tilly has invested spent thousands of pounds trying to heal her skin.

Fortunately, after being seen by top skincare specialists, Tilly has said her skin should be ''back to normal'' by the end of the year.

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