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LOOKING to be a trendy babe, one woman decided to give herself the viral butterfly cut – and the results are jaw-dropping.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have seen the so-called butterfly cut has become all the rage recently, with thousands of people rocking this layered look.

One of those who finally gave in and grabbed a pair of scissorswas Sabrina Gomez, believed to be from the US.

The mum-of-two chuckled saying she had seen about 8,000 videos on social media of people giving themselves a haircut when she decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Armed with scissors and two hair ties, Sabrina first started by putting her thick locks into two ponytails, which she claimed was the worst part.

To ensure the results were even, she had even found a hack online – grabbing a piece of paper she used for a straight line.

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The beauty enthusiast applied the same paper method for both ponytails, meaning she cut off the exact same amount of in both front and back.

But despite having a little mishap of cutting herself in the process, the mum-of-two was amazed by the DIY haircut.

In fact, she reckoned it looked so good even professional hairdressers would admire her work.

Showing off the new look, she chuckled: ''I hope Brad [Mondo] will be proud.''

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It seems that it's not just hair pros that would go wild over the final look – people on social media couldn't believe how good her locks looked after the easy haircut.

''9/10, needs more layers in my opinion,'' commented one beauty fan, offering some recommendations.

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''Brad would literally only comment on the scissor choice,'' another chuckled.

''IT LOOKS SO GOOD now I kinda wanna do this ngl,'' someone else felt inspired after watching Sabrina's video.

A fourthagreed, adding: ''Me right now considering giving myself this hair cut at 11 pm lol.''

However, not everyone's had the best luck with this trendy look – one woman, Yum, was left looking like a character from Stranger Things.

She took to TikTok to share a video of her attempt to cut her own hair, which began after she had separated her mane into two sections – one at the front and one at the back.

She'd secured each section into a ponytail, and then took her scissors to the front pony, cutting it around where it would hit her eyebrows.

"I'm sure I did it correctly here," she wrote over the video.

But her reaction wasn't quite as convincing, as she looked in the mirror with her hand over her mouth while examining her handiwork.

She then took the back ponytail and attempted to cut off the same amount of hair from that bit too.

"Moment of truth," she said, as she took out both ponytails and ran her fingers through her hair to check out the end result.

Realising she'd somewhat messed up the cut, Yum pulled at her uneven fringe as she tried to work out where it had gone wrong.

"This is how im starting my 2023," she captioned her video.

People couldn't resist poking fun at Yum's fail in the comments section, with many comparing her mullet 'do to that of Stranger Things character Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery).

"It's giving Steve from stranger things," one wrote.

"Steve Harington in season 5 of stranger things?" another asked.

"I like it! My boy Steve," a third commented.

Others compared her to the Bee Gees or Tina Turner.

After being told the cut would look better once she'd styled it, Yum returned with another video of her attempt to do just that.

Using a pair of straighteners, she tried to curl the majority of her hair, before straightening her "lion fringe".

And while she left her house with her hair down, it got "too much" very quickly, and Yum ended up tying it up.

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She then tried out another TikToker's suggestion, using bobby pins at the side of her head, above her ears, to give a narrower fringe section.

Yum was much happier with that look, beaming as she wrote: "Pins saved the day!"

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