I used Tinder to blag thousands of pounds worth of designer gear including Jimmy Choos & a Chanel bag – it was so easy

A WOMAN has revealed how she bagged thousands of pounds worth of designer gear for free using her Tinder account.

TikTok user Jenna, 26, took to her account where she revealed how strangers had sent her Jimmy Choo shoes and a Chanel bag after spotting her Tinder profile.

Explaining her hack, Jenna said: “I would not even believe this if I heard this but I can’t make this s*** up.

“I saw this TikTok that said if you get a Tinder and just set the age for older guys and put your Amazon wishlist and whatever wishlist you want, people will just buy you s*** and send you money.

“So I thought, ‘I’m unemployed due to COVID why not?’

“Guys, it worked! People sent me s***.”

After having her profile up for just two days, Jenna received  a Tory Burch bag, a Burberry swimsuit, Jimmy Choos, and a Chanel Boy bag to name a few.

She added: “Guys I can’t make this stuff up, what the heck! My Tinder got banned but like I got all of this free stuff.”

It is important to add that while you may bag a few freebies, adding a wishlist or looking to gain profit from a Tinder profile violates its Terms of Use and will likely see your account suspended or permanently banned.

You should also never give your address or personal information out to people you meet online.

The video has since gone viral, receiving over 60,000 views and hundreds of comments with many admitting they were tempted to try it for themselves.

“This one is going to be hard to explain to my boyfriend,” wrote one, while a second said, “My hero.”

Another added: “OMG I am doing life wrong again lol.”

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