I want to cancel my wedding after finding out my fiancé is going to a strip club on his stag do – it’ll cost a fortune

A BRIDE-to-be has been left devastated after finding out her fiancé went to a strip club on his stag do, and now she's thinking of cancelling their wedding just nine days before the event.

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman explained that she and her partner have been struggling financially but her fiancé blew hundreds of pounds during his bachelor's party.

"We are struggling for money at the moment but we didn't want to cancel the wedding and lose the money we had already paid so we have managed to scrape it together and we are eloping just us, our toddler and our parents," she explained.

She said her partner is taking a week off of work, so they need to budget for that week and are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

The woman explained that her husband-to-be spent £230 at a strip club, as well as roughly £200 for food and drinks.

"[This is] way over the budget we have agreed meaning we are going to struggle the next three weeks now because of this and our going to have to limit the things we do on our trip when we get married," she said.

"I'm not ok that firstly he spent so much more than agreed and secondly I'm not ok that he went to the strip club," she said.

The bride-to-be also took issue with the fact that her fiancé didn't discuss going to the strip club with her first, as she said she is "100 per cent certain" he knows she wouldn't be comfortable with it.

I'm considering cancelling the wedding and saying we need to work on things before we can discuss marriage again.

She added: "I'm considering cancelling the wedding and saying we need to work on things before we can discuss marriage again."

The woman also explained that she won't be having a bachelorette herself, and is only planning on spending money on getting her hair and nails done for the special day.

Curious as to whether she was being unreasonable, the anonymous woman asked what Mumsnet members thought, with everyone that commented supporting her decision.

"Not unreasonable at all. Respect is so important in a relationship. You agreed on a budget and he’s just gone ahead and done his own thing completely ignoring the financial implications. Things will not get any better from here," one person said.

"You and your child deserve so much better than a man who blows that much money, any money, on a stag do at a bloody strip club when you’re already skint and have a wedding and a lovely trip coming up. What a selfish a***hole. You poor thing," said another.

Another person commented: "If you're not sure, cancel. I'd be very p**sed off about the strip club and all the money blown there.

"I'm not sure I'd want to be in a relationship with someone who would do that and probably had dances etc."

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