I want to name my baby after a Netflix show but people say it's 'awful' & 'tacky', someone said it was better for a cat | The Sun

A MUM-TO-BE shared the name she'd picked out for her baby girl only for others to say it was "awful" and "tacky" thanks to the association with a Netflix show.

She was inundated with warnings that people may sing and whistle the theme tune as her daughter walked past.

Taking to Mumsnet, the parent asked others what they thought of the name Wednesday.

She said: "Thoughts on the name Wednesday?

"Always liked it personally from the old Addams Family movie but [my husband] seems to think it will become more of a 'trend' name with the new Netflix show out."

People were quick to share their opinion of the unusual moniker.

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One person said: " Sorry but it's awful."

Another agreed: "I think that's one that would be hard to live with."

While a third said: "My cat is called Wednesday."

Another said: "The fact the new show specifically about Wednesday Addams on Netflix makes it even more tacky, but no doubt will somehow make it a popular name over the next year.

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"Only way it could be worse would be to change the spelling to something like Wydnezdae."

Although some people pointed out that people could tease their daughter by singing, whistling and clicking the iconic theme tune.

One said: "I can imagine people humming the theme tune at them. Outside of that, I just see it as a day of the week so for me it's not very interesting as a name. Sorry."

While another said: "I can already hear the other kids at school whistling the Addams family theme tune and clicking their fingers."

Others found the suggestion more ridiculous than concerning and chipped in with jokes.

One said: "Fine if the child isn't born on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday."

Another said: "Why are Tuesday and Wednesday the only day names that people ever use? Why not Saturday – nickname 'Turd'?!"

While a third said: "You'd be saving her an awful lot of heartache in life if you just called her Wendy instead."

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