I was a B cup my whole life but then I measured myself properly

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A series of reports, studies, and surveys have found that the majority of women wear the incorrect bra size. If you feel your bras are not as comfortable as they should be or want to be sure you have the correct measurements for your next clothes shop, here is a simple guide for measuring your bra size at home.

Jen Warnes is a fashion blogger and business entrepreneur who specialises in helping women find bras that are comfy and practical as well as stylish. She is currently trying to start her own swimwear brand to help women find swimsuits that will fit their proportions and body type.

Recently, Jen has gotten a message on her TikTok account @itsjenwarnes from a follower wishing to know if there is a way to discover your proper bra size at home without being measured by a professional, and Jen made a video to help women figure out their true bra size.

Jen began her video holding a measuring tape and said: “Here is a really easy way to measure your bra size at home. Most people are wearing the wrong size, so let’s see if you are one of them.”

@itsjenwarnes Replying to @clo1331 here’s how to figure out your true bra size at home #bratok #brasize #abrathatfits #smallbandlargecup #brahacks ♬ original sound – Jen Warnes

The bra expert stated to use her measuring guide as a “starting point”. She said: “It is going to be fairly accurate but once you try bras on in that size you will be able to get a feel if you need to go upwards or down or adjust.”

Before she began, Jen also said it was important to use her method without wearing a bra. She then said: “Firstly, you are going to measure your underband. You might have to lift them up to get under there, that is absolutely fine.”

The underband is part of the bra that wraps around your body and is the main source of support. To measure your underband, you need to use the measuring tape directly under your bust.

In the video, Jen measured her own underband and said: “Pull the tape measure fairly snug. I measure at 28 inches.”

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Jen then said: “The next measurement is the fullest part of your chest.” She then wrapped the measuring tape around her bust, and said: “I get 37 inches.”

In order to figure out your bra size, Jen said you had to “work out the difference between those two numbers.” You have to subtract the measurements, as Jen explained: “37 minus 28 gives me nine. So I have a nine-inch difference.”

Jen explained the next step and said: “Then it is as easy as counting through the alphabet.” The difference in your measurements corresponded with a letter, which would be your bra size.

For example, if your measurement is different by two inches, your bra size would be B cup. If it was five inches, you would be an E cup (or a DD in UK measurements).

Jen counted through the alphabet to figure out her own bra size, and said: “A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. So I measure as a US 28 I.”

If you are a UK resident, this method works best for USA bra sizes as each letter corresponds with the US bra size, but British measurements are slightly different. The same method can still be used, as Jen has put up both the US and UK bra measuring chart on her video.

Jen finished her video with a disclaimer, and said: “I can already see the comments that are going to say ‘there’s no way I am a G cup, no way I’m an H. Don’t discard it until you’ve actually tried that size on because you’ll be surprised.”

She also said if you were having doubts over using this home method, she could recommend some “really good” online calculators that can help you out. She said: “They ask for a few more measurements, just to get it even more accurate,”

One the screen, Jen put up on text two websites she recommended for those wishing to look up their breast size. They are abrathatfits.org and boobsorbust.com.

Many women in Jen’s video comment section tried out her advice and were astonished by the accuracy. One user wrote: “This is so true. The first time I did this measurement I thought NO WAY! Then I tried on the correct size bra and it fit perfectly!” while somebody else said: “Honey, I learned something new today. Thank you so much for your help.”

One wrote: “Thought I was a B cup my whole life, measured myself properly and I’m an E.”

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