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A MUM sick of her 'nosy neighbours always spying on her' decided to give them something to stare at.

Tammy Zuniga, from Michigan, US, erected some very eye-popping mannequins in her garden.

Tammy claims her curtain-twitching locals would 'make her blood boil' with complaints about her painting in her garage without the door shut and would even take photos of her at work.

Tired of 'resenting' them and eager to turn the tables on the 'busy-body neighbours', the 45-year-old nurse began putting mannequins around her property in provocative positions just to 'see their reactions'.

Scantily-clad female mannequins labelled as 'dirty h**s' stand next to signs urging people 'please do not feed the w****s drugs'.

Other set-pieces saw mannequins being left in her car or passed out on a garden chair surrounded by empty beer bottles.

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In one of her most shocking stunts, Tammy left a mannequin dangling from her garage roof for an entire month – resulting in cars stopping in the street thinking someone was in need of help.

While she admits she could have 'way worse neighbours', she claims hers are simply 'incredibly nosey' and her provocative displays is her way of getting a laugh out of her situation.

The mum-of-two admits that her creative outlet may have left neighbours thinking she's the 'weird mannequin lady', but says it serves as a 'diversion' to keep her from getting irritated by their nosiness.

Tammy said: "The mannequins are a diversion for me – it stops me from getting irritated with my nosy neighbours.

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"I just set up the poses and laugh.

"I used to really have a resentment [at them being nosy]. Now I just laugh, because I think 'I bet they're really wondering what's going on now'.

"I try to keep a straight face through it all. I figure that if the neighbours think I'm crazy, they'll stop bothering me. It's worked for the most part.

"Neighbours don't really talk to me much anymore, which is kind of nice. They probably think I'm the weird mannequin lady now."

For Tammy, the mannequin pranks are a way to play with the curtain-twitching residents living around her.

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Tammy said: "I'd be out in my garden working on art projects and I would see blinds moving in windows. There would be pictures being taken.

"I paint garden art out in my garage, I'll make hundreds of statues. It's my hobby.

"They would take photos of me in my garage and then tell me I needed to paint with my door closed.

"I'm not painting with my door closed, I need to breathe.

"Now, I can't even be mad at them, because they've got to put up with me!

"I used to see them and my blood would boil. But now I'm looking out my window to see their reactions to my mannequins. I'm having so much fun with this."

Tammy has been staging the figures in humorous poses for around two years as a way to catch the eye of eagle-eyed locals.

Tammy said: "I started doing these pranks two years ago. The first one I did, I set up a mannequin out on the porch wearing a sweater.

"The neighbours were so intrigued. I heard noise outside and looked out my window. Sure enough, they were all out there staring.

"There could be way worse neighbours. Mine are just really incredibly nosy. I'm just trying to entertain them.

"What's really bad is that I now seize every opportunity. Whenever I see them outside, I feel the need to set up the mannequins. I get excited to see them now, it's not even normal.

Neighbours don't really talk to me much anymore, which is kind of nice. They probably think I'm the weird mannequin lady now.

"There was one that I hung up from the garage roof for a month. That one was a real attention getter, I had people stopping their cars in the street because they thought somebody needed help.

"The hardest part was whenever I had someone come over to install a water softener or whatever. I'd forget to tell them that I had mannequins and not to be alarmed.

"They'd show up and they'd be like 'Oh my god! I didn't know what to think, I thought I'd have to save somebody!'

"I only just took him down so I could put the girls up."

Her most recent display features two female mannequins posed side by side, accompanied with bizarre signs bought online.

One tucked into a dummy's denim skirt reads 'A dirty h** is a happy h**', whilst another nailed into the fence between them reads 'Please Do Not Feed The W****s Drugs'.

Tammy said: "The idea [for the recent set-up] just came to me, I have no idea where it came from.

"I shared it to a group on Facebook and I wasn't even sure if it'd get approved, because it can come across as being potentially offensive.

"I don't find it offensive, I find it comical. It's just weird. It's not like they're in view of kids getting off at the bus stop.

"It took off when I shared it online, and I haven't even had a chance to read through what everyone has been saying.

"I think I'm going to have this display up until winter. Initially when I set them up, I thought they were going to be my last display. But I don't know anymore – I really had fun with it.

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"I was so excited putting it together. It took three weeks before they were ready to go out. I had to order the signs, get the clothes sorted, and make sure the garden looked right. I wanted those flowers to bloom.

"I got all those clothes for under $15 [£12] – they threw in the red shirt for free because it had a hole in the back.

"I've not seen any physical reaction to the mannequins yet. But the blinds have been moving a lot."

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