I went on a first date with a Tinder match, it was great until their spouse showed up with their kids

A BLOKE has shared the “worst date he’s ever been on” after his Tinder match’s husband showed up at the restaurant.

TikTok user Pattyslap23 shared his story with his followers where it has since gone viral, receiving over three million views.

Speaking in the clip, he says: “I went on this date two years ago in Boston with this girl. We were hitting it off, having a great time, I’m paying for the check because we’re going to the movies after

“All of a sudden this guy sits down at the table with us and she’s pale as a ghost.

“I said ‘hey man can I help you?’ he says, ‘that’s my wife.’”

The bloke asks his date if it is indeed her husband and she attempts to make up an excuse, but things are about to get a lot worse.

He continues: “Best part of it all, I see something crawling around in the corner of my eye, it’s her daughter.”

Viewers were left horrified by his story, sharing their thoughts in the comments.

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“At least you found out before catching feelings!” wrote one.

“OMG did you pass the husband the bill?” added another, while a third wrote, “She was obviously suffering from the seven year itch.”

The TikTok user later shared a follow up video, explaining that after the woman had left he went to the cinema with her husband and his daughter.

He kept in touch with the husband and later introduced him to one of his own friends once the divorce was finalised, and they are still dating a year on.

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