I went out in a tight shirt with no bra – I caught men looking at my boobs & was disgusted, they say they can't help it | The Sun

A WOMAN who ventured out in a tight shirt with no bra has railed at the men looking at her.

They couldn't take their eyes off her boobs but said they just could not help it.

But her verdict was one of disgust.

M1sspurr's (@marianelairwin) posts have proven to be quite popular.

In her profile, she describes her as a Latina into “fashion, erotic, and slay.”

She has over 60,000 followers and another 2.4 million likes.

But one video hit over 360,000 likes.

In it, she complained about the reaction her braless outfit had – she was upset.

She wore hip-hugging loose pants and a long-sleeved black T-shirt.

Around her waist hung a cool chain that dipped toward her naval.

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She vented through text splashed across the screen.

“Catching men looking at my b00bs when I voluntarily chose to wear a tight shirt w no bra."

At the bottom of the screen, she added: “If you consider yourself a woman you’re acceptable."

Commenters agreed with her.

“Women should be able to walk around topless just like men," was the opinion of this woman.

Another agreed, saying, "Wearing a tight shirt with no bra still doesn’t justify any starting or excessive looking."

But the final comment came from the other end of the spectrum.

This guy asked what the big deal was.

“What’s wrong with looking? If I see a nice car, I look. If I see nice flowers, I look. Same with a nice woman."

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