I work at a tanning shop and people leave the most horrific things in the rooms – what we find in the bins are gross | The Sun

A TANNING shop worker has sparked a huge debate online after mentioning some of the worst things customers have left behind after having a sunbed. 

Posting on TikTok, the @avaas_spa_tan account regularly shares entertaining videos with its 32,000 followers. 

In a new video, they joined in a viral TikTok trend where people react to the sound, ‘Shut up! It is not!’ 

During the video, one staff member is seen holding a bin while looking disgusted, hinting that they've found something unpleasant inside. 

But now other tanning salon workers have taken to the comments to share their worst finds – and people have been left stunned by some.

One found half a kebab, while others spotted a used pregnancy test or tampon – and one even had to clear up a stranger's vomit. 


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One TikTok user wrote: “I once had a customer come in with a McDonald’s cup and lit a [cigarette] while tanning and used the cup for an ash tray. The whole salon smelled like it.”

Another said: “The amount of times that someone peed in the trash can is mind-blowing.” 

Someone else replied: “YES CAN CONFIRM I worked at a tanning salon and the same lady always peed in the trash can.”

Another said: “We had to ban someone because he kept peeing in the stand-up. He said I thought it was a drain.”

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Someone else wrote: “Still find tampons behind the beds.”

A fourth wrote: “Someone pooped in a trash can in one of the rooms when I worked in a salon and that was not the worst thing we ever found.”

NikkiD34 added: “Yeah no trash cans in the room. Also had a man always leave behind his ‘kids’ on the bed! I told his wife to ask him to control himself!”

Hope put: “I JUST FOUND THROW UP IN ONE TRASH CAN TONIGHT HAHAHAHA perfect timing to pop up.”

Another follower commented: “Also pregnancy tests….like….why???.”

KB said: “A girl was eating a KEBAB in the saloon I went to. A FULL-ON KEBAB. She left lettuce, onions tomatoes all up in the crevices.”

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